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Applebee’s tells women to take a break from Pinterest, pinners rarely leave the site for news & more. [Video]

This week on Pin The News, Lauren Orsini of The Daily Dot and I discuss:

You can go right to the segment you are interested in via the above links or watch the full episode below.

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Why Facebook paid 1 billion dollars for Instagram


In the video I outline three key reasons that Facebook was willing to make this purchase:

1. Better mobile presence
2. Prevent competitors from purchasing Instagram
3. Facebook taking their deep social graph knowledge and extending it to mobile

I also predict that Facebook will eventually have their own web search engine as well as a third party ad network like Google Adsense.


Pinterest in the News - Video show about Pinterest

First episode of a new weekly video series about Pinterest.

I have been slowly moving into doing more video content. Like many of you, I grew up writing. At first I wrote as required by my education and later because I enjoyed it. Video is not an intuative format for me, but I have slowly been learning, and I am excited about a new weekly series that Lauren Orisni of the Daily Dot and I are doing about Pinterest.  Each week we are going to discuss the latest Pinterest news and provide insights for users and businesses.

This week we discuss four topics:

I hope you enjoy them.

Pinterest’s changes to group boards


Spammers who stole images and a business’ name


The best way to contact Pinterest: plus the end of comments on Pinterest’s blog


Pinterest humor with parody accounts