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Note that the call to action is to visit Twitter.

Twitter finally using Summify software, and it looks great.

I am a big fan of Summify. I first wrote about Summify last year when I talked about it being a great option to get an overview of what the people shared while I was on vacation and not on Twitter. Since then I continue to look at the summary email every night. Summify does a good job of finding some of the more interesting and notable links shared each day.

On January 19th, Twitter bought Summify. I was concerned that Twitter would shut down Summify, and in fact there was some indication from Twitter that they would do that. Despite that indication, I continue to get Summify emails each day.

Today, I finally got a chance to see what Twitter plans to do with Summify. The image below shows a new email summary from Twitter (on the left) that looks so close to a Summify email (on the right), that I have to think it is a use of the technology.

New Twitter summary email is useful and may bring users back.

Note that the call to action is to visit Twitter.

The new Twitter email goes beyond just a summary of popular links shared by those you follow. It also includes five tweets that were popular in the last day, but that don’t have links in them.

The new Twitter email is very clean, and I think it will solve several issues that Twitter has. First, it keeps Twitter interesting and relevent for people who don’t check the service frequently. Secone, it is likely to get people  who previously signed up for Twitter, but who don’t use it, to try it again.

I looked at the notification pages for a few Twitter accounts I use, and I didn’t see a check box to sign-up for a summary email. It could be that Twitter will use previous opt-in permission to send this email, but the email is so useful I have to think that they will allow users to specifically signup for it in the future.



4 tips to enjoy your vacation while staying updated on Twitter.

Some might argue that it is better to take a complete break from social media while on vacation.  I am not one of them.  Social media is important enough to me to at least spend a little of my downtime keeping up on what is going on.  I don’t user Twitter the same on vacation as I do on a regular day, so I found a couple services that were helpful on my recent trip to New Orleans.


Summify’s name is very accurate.  They provide a summary of the most important stories that are shared by those you follow on Twitter.  They have an online interface, but I largely just read the daily email they send. On vacation it is great way to see what stories resonated when you only have a little bit of time.  Summify does a remarkably good job pointing out the four or five articles or tweets that most reflect my interests.  I rarely find something included in this summary that isn’t interesting or meaningful. Continue reading