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Klout Page wants to connect with Facebook

Be careful when you access your Klout account.

I haven’t accessed Klout in over a month, but tonight I started getting requests to connect on Klout via Facebook.

To see what was going on, I clicked on the notification. It took me to my Klout page and asked me to send requests to 51 friends. Many who likely have no clue what Klout is.

Klout also preselected a check box that gives them approval to send requests from my account at any time in the future.

I obviously didn’t click on the Send Requests button, but based on the number of requests I am getting, it seems a number of people are doing it.

Klout doesn’t list any benefit to me for sending these requests, so it seems fairly self serving on their part.

I just wanted to make people aware how many alerts they could be sending to friends if they do happen to approve it.