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If you put a lot of time into Twitter, how to get more out of it.

By its very nature, Twitter is an immediate and fleeting medium.  The immediacy is a large part of the appeal, but all those moments you put into using it add up.

If you are like me and you have put thousands of hours into reading tweets and tweeting yourself, then it just makes sense to take advantage of all the time you have put in.

The tool I am writing about today helps you access all of the content you have created and read on Twitter.  It is a search tool called Post Post.

Personalized Twitter Search

Many heavy Twitter users, including myself, have long tried to find a search engine that is better able to find tweets we saw or posted.

Twitter search has never been helpful in this regard. Like the service itself, Twitter search is about showing you what is happening now. If you have ever wanted to find a tweet you posted from a month back, you know it can take what seems like forever scrolling through your tweets, looking for that little nugget of information.  And if someone else tweeted it, you are unlikely to ever find it.

Google has actually been one of the best ways to find tweets, provided you know who the author was and at least a couple keywords from the post.  It wasn’t intuitive, but if you put in the time this was the best option.

What I like about Post Post is that it is not a small step in the right direction, it is a fully formed web application that lets you truly take advantage of your history on Twitter and the history of those you are connected to.

In order to use Post Post all you have to do is approve access to their application from your Twitter account.  Depending on how long you have been on Twitter, it can take several hours for all your tweets to show up in their system, but once they are in, you now have a fully searchable history of your tweets and all the tweets in your timeline.

The one caveat is that posts from private accounts are not included.

How to use it.

You do a search using keywords.  The most recent results come up.  You then can choose whose tweets you want to look at based on a list in the left column.  For a broad query the username function is essential.

My search for tweets I made about my dog, Abby.

Uses I have found:

Find all the posts you made about any subject. This provides a great basis for then developing those tweets into a blog post or just seeing your thoughts on a subject.

Find all the posts where you interacted with a person.

Find a service or product that you or a friend shared.  A couple of people I follow had talked about Warby Parker glasses. I had no idea what the name of the company was. But by searching for “new glasses” and then remembering who had tweeted about them, I was quickly able to find the company name.

Find older pictures that have been shared.  I wanted to find all the pictures of my dog Abby for a collage I was putting together.  One quick search for “Abby” and then selecting my own tweets returned all mentions I had made.

I am sure you can think of your own uses for Post Post.  It is the type of service where it makes sense to set it up now, so you will have it available when you need it.

I hope you find it useful.