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Create compelling images for Pinterest or your blog in less than a minute.

I have been preaching the need for including compelling images in blog posts for a while now.

They are essential to Pinterest, and with Facebook’s recent changes you likely should stop sharing your own links and instead upload an image and then post the link in the body of the update (you get more screen space this way and more engagement). In either case, images matter.

But most of us have limited time. It can be hard enough to finish a blog post,  and then you have to find or perhaps create a compelling image to go with it.

Recite This is a tool that takes any text you can come up with and turns it into a great looking image. I have included some of the different image styles in this post.

I have tried other services that are similar. I even paid for Share As Image Pro. But the templates that Recite This is using are some of the best I have seen, and they even let you download a fairly large version of what you create.

Right now the service is entirely free, and you don’t even have to create an account. I think Recite This will quickly get popular, and you will start to see these style of images more frequently. So some of the newness may wear off, but for now you should consider trying out the service and making some quick, shareable images to go with your blog posts or to even just share.

Thanks to Kelly Lieberman for mentioning this cool service.

Pinterest is making Etsy the center of the social commerce world.

Pinterest attribution changes put Etsy at the center of the social commerce universe.

Pinterest just announced on their blog that they are adding more attribution tags to pinned content. Content from Etsy, 500px, Kickstarter, SlideShare and Sound Cloud are all now supported. The change will apply to all pins going forward, and Pinterest will slowly be adding this attribution to previous pins.

How the Etsy attribution works on Pinterest

Like the previous attribution links for YouTube and Vimeo, the Pinterest user will see the full attribution on the pin page with a link to the item page, the store page and to Etsy (see each red arrows below).


Clicking on the image to go to the Etsy shop.

Perhaps even more important, the Etsy shop attribution link actually shows up in user’s pin streams (see image on the right). The red arrow points to Etsy attribution link. Clicking there takes you to the Etsy shop.

This greatly increase the exposure and likely the traffic going to Etsy shops. The friction between seeing something compelling an going to the ecommerce site is significantly reduced.

Etsy now has the unique status of being the only ecommerce site with attribution from Pinterest.

While Pinterest adding attribution may be in part a effort to fight against potential copyright issues, adding Etsy attribution is unique in the history of ecommerce. We already have a number of studies that show that Pinterest is the leader in driving sales from social, but now they are actually providing attribution to just one ecommerce site.

Even small retailers spend thousands of dollars trying to get users to go to their online retail stores. With Pinterest attribution change, Etsy sellers now are getting direct links to their store with every image pinned and repinned. This type of promotion is difficult to put a value on, but it is significant.

It is unlikely that Pinterest will stop with just Etsy. The natural next step would be to add Amazon, iTunes and other popular retailers. For now, Etsy has exclusivity among retailers, and those using this ecommerce platform will be placed at a significant advantage.


What is on your Pinterest plate

What is on your Pinterest plate? [Infograph]

Click the image for the full sized version.

Want to post this infograph on your site?

Just copy and past the html code below into your post. I only ask that you provide a link back to this page (example included in the code).

<a href="http://www.llsocial.com/2012/06/pinterest-food-infograph"><img src="http://llsocial.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/What-is-on-your-Pinterest-plate.png" alt="What's On Your Pinterest Plate" imgclass=alignnone size-full</a><a href="pinterest-food-infograph">Infographic from LLsocial.com</a>


I did my best to draw food words from Dan Zarrells data on the most pinnable words. I excluded words that didn’t relate to food. In a borderline cases like “cut”, I kept it in the list as it is frequently seen in descriptions about recipies.

I understand the the Pinterest food pyramid is not reflecting of Pinterest users’ diets, but it is interesting to see what a food pyramid would look like based on the most popular food repins.



Applebee’s tells women to take a break from Pinterest, pinners rarely leave the site for news & more. [Video]

This week on Pin The News, Lauren Orsini of The Daily Dot and I discuss:

You can go right to the segment you are interested in via the above links or watch the full episode below.

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Missing Pinterest Followers Explained

Are you missing Pinterest followers?

Pinterest made changes this week to how they keep track of followers. While it might have resulted in a decrease in follower numbers for your account and boards, it should lead to an improved Pinterest.

You can watch my discussion of the change in this video with Lauren Orsini or read the details below.


Pinterest team member Enid Hwang wrote about the change in the Pinterest support section. She stated:

If you’re seeing an unusual change in your followers number, this is because we’re switching to a new system for tabulating Pinterest counters this week which is correcting for our past inaccuracies:

If you saw a decrease in your followers, we know this is probably really disappointing news. We want to make sure you know the change in your followers isn’t a reflection of your Pinterest activity or “pinning quality” in any way, and it’s strictly a fix for a long-term problem we’ve been eager to solve.

Pinterest was previously miscounting followers due to “system slowness”, not properly removing followers who chose to unfollow certain boards, and yes, spammers being in their system.

Long time Pinterest users had all but given up checking who was following them on the website because the accounts listed where often random or at least not recent. The only reliable way to track new followers was to get email alerts. That should be changing.

The new back-end system will allow for Pinterest to soon show followers/following in reverse chronological order (i.e. those who recently followed you will be at the top of the list).

Plus, this change in the system will allow for a future blocking feature that will allow you to block people at the board level. This sounds very similar to the idea of private boards.


If you know others who might like an explanation, please pin this image.