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4 tips to enjoy your vacation while staying updated on Twitter.

Some might argue that it is better to take a complete break from social media while on vacation.  I am not one of them.  Social media is important enough to me to at least spend a little of my downtime keeping up on what is going on.  I don’t user Twitter the same on vacation as I do on a regular day, so I found a couple services that were helpful on my recent trip to New Orleans.


Summify’s name is very accurate.  They provide a summary of the most important stories that are shared by those you follow on Twitter.  They have an online interface, but I largely just read the daily email they send. On vacation it is great way to see what stories resonated when you only have a little bit of time.  Summify does a remarkably good job pointing out the four or five articles or tweets that most reflect my interests.  I rarely find something included in this summary that isn’t interesting or meaningful. Continue reading