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Miracle Whip Oscar Tweets

Miracle Whip gets edgy; trolls Twitter on Oscar night.

Miracle Whip has a history of non traditional advertising. They paid Lady Gaga to include their product in the music video for “Telephone” in 2010, and frequently places ads and sponsored content in video games like Skate 3. But all of that is fairly tame, compared to the tweets coming from the Miracle Whip official Twitter account on Oscar Night. Their  plan seemed to be to address some of the snarky tweets that are often made about celebrities, and their choice of targets was certainly not tame.

Not surprisingly if you engage with NSFW comedians you can expect some cutting responses to schoolmarmish tweets.


Miracle Whip’s tweets were not random, but rather tied to a new campaign highlighted by an Oscar commercial called “Keep an Open Mouth”. With that tagline and free flowing nature of the Twitter, you could see how things could go a number of less than PG ways quickly.

Here is an early release of the commercial:

For a major consumer brand (we are taking Kraft here), this trollish engagement approach is unique. They didn’t wait for consumers to engage with them, but rather actively tweeted their own “you should be nicer comments to people who had no expectations that they would get challenged on their tweets. The upside of this approach is fairly limited, but the risk are quite high given an established brand like Miracle Whip.

Any thoughts on this approach?  Is it better than the normal corporate PR we see from brands?