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Friends to Follow on Pinterest Twitter Follows

New Pinterest development makes connecting your Twitter account much more important.

Update 3/30: Reader feedback and my own research seems to indicated that to get a Twitter related bump in Pinterest followers , you need to have started your Pinterest account using your Twitter credentials. For now, if you started your account using Facebook credentials, you get recommended to other people you are connected to on Facebook. If you started your account via Twitter credentials, your account will be recommend to people who follow you who also used Twitter to sign up. Simply connecting your Twitter account after the fact doesn’t seem to allow your account to also be recommended to Twitter users. Bottom line: if you are going start a new Pinterest account for your business, it is absolutely important to link it to your Twitter account.

Pinterest experienced some controversy from auto-following friends if you used your Facebook account to sign-up. In a much less aggressive manner, you will now start getting more followers on Pinterest by having your Twitter account linked.

Pinterest has started to recommend “Friends to Follow” in the top left hand section of your main Pinterest stream page. Based on looking at the recommendations for the @free account,  Pinterest is suggesting accounts to follow based on who you follow on Twitter.

You can’t see all your Twitter connections on the site yet, but Pinterest has started showing three possible connections. These recommendations change each time you refresh your page. When you click on “See All” you are just taken to the Pinterest connection page which doesn’t provide any additional Twitter connections.

Twitter to come soon?

Since Pinterest is now showing a limited selection of Twitter connections, it is likely that they will eventually have an entire page that will feature accounts you follow on Twitter.

This is important news to everyone looking for more Pinterest connections, but it will be be particularly relevant to brands and businesses.

Since Pinterest doesn’t allow you to connect a Facebook Page, Twitter will become the best way to leverage your exist social media connections to build more Pinterest followers. It should be noted that even if Pinterest eventually allows you to connect your Facebook Page, it wouldn’t be consistent with Facebook API and policies for those who have Liked a page to have your Pinterest page recommended.

Based on the recommendations I have observed so far on the @free page, it isn’t clear whether Pinterest is weighting recommendations based on the activity of the your account. People are certainly less likely to follow your Pinterest account if you don’t have active and relevant boards, but it seems for now that just having a Pinterest account that is linked to Twitter will get you on the list. I observed several boards be recommending to the @free Pinterest account that don’t have any boards or pins.

If your brand aligns with visual images or you have ideas for how to use Pinterest , it makes sense to start working on having relevant boards now. Combining compelling content with connecting your account to Twitter could result in a significant number of new followers, particularly if you already have a substantial Twitter following.