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Private Board Alternatives To Pinterest Infographic

Private Board Alternatives to Pinterest [Infograph]

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Video discussion of Pinterest alternatives that offer private boards

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  • No invitation required
  • Need to create a board and then make it private
  • Limited to images so is most Pinterest like
  • Matches pictures by dominate colors for design planning
  • http://www.juxtapost.com


  • No invitation required
  • Boards default to private
  • iOS & Android apps
  • Offline access option
  • Has note taking, personal shopper and task management capabilities
  • http://www.springpad.com



I am an active user Spring Pad and Clipboard, so much of what I cite comes from using them daily.

These services as well as Pinterest are always changing, but this infographic is current as of May 30th, 2012

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clipboard private alternative to pinterest

Learn how to use Clipboard from the CEO, plus instant access to the service.

Last week I spent some time talking to Gary Flake, the CEO and founder of Clipboard.

Clipboard is a free service that lets you clip and organize anything you find on the web. I have used it for a couple months, and it is pretty useful.

If you use Pinterest, but would like an option for private boards, it is worth checking out.

Click here to access the interview, plus there is a link to get instant access to the Clipboard service.

Clipboard and alternative to Pinterest for private boards

Pinterest resources and useful alternatives.

Pinterest Alternatives

After I published six blog post about Pinterest, you might think I don’t see any flaws with Pinterest. While I do think it is an amazing web site and social tool, one of the biggest issues is the lack of privacy. If you like the organizational functions of Pinterest, but want the ability to have private boards, here are some alternatives.

Private Boards

clip board is an excellent alternative to Pinterest for private boards. They actually default all clips to private.  You can clip an image or text with a link automatically created to the original source


Another alternative is Trello. It isn’t really the same as Pinterest, but it does allow for a similar organization structure except it revolves around typing text on virtual note cards. I plan to blog about this service more in the future, but it is so easy to use, I recommend checking it out now.

If you are a writer, Scrivener is a powerful tool for organizing your writing from ideas to end product.  It is low priced, with a free trial, and the reviews are truly glowing. I have briefly tried it, but it may be more than I need. But if you are a writer, this is a good organization alternative, that is also private.

“For manly men”

As I mentioned previously, Pinterest users tend to be women (different research puts this number between 80 and 95 percent). A site called Gentlemint, created in my home town of Lawrence, KS, is trying to bring the Pinterest concept to men with a completely different site. Whether it will take off is of course a question, but the site is receiving considerable national press. You can watch a video interview with the Gentlemint creators on the Social IRL blog.

Pinterest Resources

My favorite article on Pinterest is composed of 15 interviews with active Pinterest users. If you are going to read one additional story, I recommend checking this one out.

If you want to keep up on the latest news about Pinterest check out this curated collection of Pinterest stories on Scoop.It.

Success cases

Kate Bryan is a blogger who has had amazing success using Pinterest.

Pinterest is now driving more traffic to the Real Simple web site than Facebook. 

Actionable ideas to market you business

Seven creative ways your brand can use Pinterest.

See how nine different businesses are using Pinterest.