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The guy who followed over 1,000,000 people on Pinterest in the past 24 hours.

Pinterest’s popularity might be starting to draw the interest of potential spammers and certainly those using bots.

Last night I got a new follower request to my Pinterest account. Like many users, I kept the default notification settings and get an email each time someone follows my account or specific pin boards.

In this case, the account in question had 6,000+ followers.  This isn’t that uncommon with Pinterest.  Many early adopters as well as those on Pinterest’s recommendation list have ten of thousands and in some case hundreds of thousands of followers.

But this Pinterest account was following over 500,000 accounts and only had one pin board. I checked the account an hour later and he was following close to 700,000 accounts.

Auto Follow Bot Exploits Pinterest

Those of you familiar with Twitter likely have to deal with automated accounts following you on an almost daily basis.  Twitter thankfully limits the number of follows any new account can request at 2,000. Pinterest apparently has no limits. In Pinterest’s case, their automatically generated emails allow you to follow back with one click, so this mass follow approach, as of this morning, had netted over 15,000 followers.  And the account is now following over one million Pinterest accounts.


The account, as of the time this is being posted, is still active and following accounts.

Pinterest has gone beyond its initial audience and needs to institute some type of limits. The fact that in one day, a new account could follow at least 600,000 accounts and most likely over 1 million, is a serious issue that needs to be addressed long term.