Definite guide to adding Google Author Tags to your blog

Step-by-step guide for adding Google Author Tags to your blog

Adding Google Author Tags to your blog can be a great way to increase traffic, build your personal brand and get ahead of the increasing trend of authorship in search.

Hundreds of article that have been written on Google Author Tags, many of them very informative, but there wasn’t one that I could suggest to other bloggers that would provide a step-by-step guide to adding author tags. Thus this how-to flowchart. You can start with no idea what Google Authorship is, and finish with it implemented on your own site.

Google Author Tag How To Flowchart

Click on the chart for the full size image.

Interactive Guide

Because this chart has links that can be long and not always clickable. I am also providing an interactive, web based guide that you can follow online as you setup Google Authorship. 


This flow chart was created using I highly recommend them. I also am thankful for the articles other people have done which first helped me implement Google Author Tags. Thanks to Beth McKeon for testing out this chart.


I hope you find this chart helpful.  Please share this post if you thing others might appreciate it.

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