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2017: Up early, sugar danger & blockchain

It has only been five years since my last year-end blog post. I am so consistent. 😉
This one reads a bit like a random Christmas letter, so you have been warned. 😃


I have always struggled with food and weight. After a couple of years of stability, I could feel some bad habits creeping back in, so I started the Keto diet on January 6th. I stuck with it for 90% of 2017, taking breaks for parts of vacations and some social engagements. It has led to some sustained weight loss, but I stick with it because of the calming effect it provides mentally. Sugar and carbs don’t seem to work ideally with my body and mind.


To attempt to further mood and energy consistency, I cut out caffeine consumption in October. This was initially relatively easy, but over time has been difficult. Right now I am taking week long breaks from caffeine and then consuming at 20% of my previous daily level. The boosts of energy and focus are alluring and sometimes still feels essential.


I am in my 7th year of working with my personal trainer Jamie Rinke. The consistency of working out has been undoubtedly beneficial, and as I get older, her general knowledge on health and the body has invaluable. If you are in Lawrence, I highly recommend her now just as I did in 2011.

Weird Sleep Schedule

Up Early

I went from an early riser to a hyper-early riser. I go to bed at 8PM consistently and naturally rise at between 2-4AM. This approach has let me to do more focused work and also facilitated working with clients in Europe. Amanda has been very accommodating of my “unique” self-directed schedule, and I try to push the limits of how late I can stay up so that I am not missing social engagements.


Five years of interest in the cryptocurrency has led over the last two years to doing client work in this space, specifically on blockchain projects. Publicly, this has manifested in a return to consistent blogging which you can find on Coin Catalyst. 2018 is going to see continued work in this space. Be on the lookout for a new project from me this year. If you have an interest in the space on either a personal or business level, feel free to reach out. I love to discuss this area.

KU Graduation Coming

No, not for me. Amanda has been in a KU Journalism Masters program for Digital Content Strategy for the last two years. I am proud of all the work she has put in and am excited to see her graduate in May.


Josh and Amanda

Amanda and I continue traveling this year. We were privileged to spend two weeks in Hawaii; got to visit Vancouver, one of our favorite cities, twice; and visited San Francisco for the first time. For my 40th birthday, I will be returning to the Gulf Coast, specifically to New Orleans, to celebrate. After visiting friends and enjoying the city, we are going on a seven day Western Caribbean cruise. We have over 20 people in our group going on the cruise, so if you have an interest in going, feel free to reach out for details.