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12 Things You Didn’t Know About someecards

These popular ecards have become one of the staples of Interent humor and general snarkyness. I wanted to learn more about this company that is everywhere on Pinterest and Facebook. Here is what I found…


1. They didn’t like their own website name

The whole double “e” made it hard to type. People were unsure how to pronouce it. They even considered changing the name a couple months after starting it, but they couldn’t think of anything better. Even now it looks weird typing out someecards. (Source)


2. Valentines Day is when their website is the busiest

Either people are sending the cards to lovers or creating clever ones to celebrity (read: survive) their singleness. (Source)


3. We can all thank Hallmark and American Greetings for not being real

When either of the someecard founders went to existing online greeting card sites in 2008, “there wasn’t a single message there that we’d ever want to send.” (Source)


4. yourecards have gotten much better - When someecards first started allowing user submitted cards it was like,
A year and a half after the site debuted, they started letting users create their own cards (now called yourecards). It didn’t go well at first. The founder compared it to, “walking into a prison — no one in charge, and jokes that were over the top and were more horrifying than clever.” (Source)


5. They are Mad Men with a slice of Onion

Both of the founders were working at ad agencies when they came up with the idea to start the website.  And one of the founders used to work for The Onion. (Source)


6. They tried to get you to vote, but gave up.

No, not vote on the best ecard, but they wanted you to actually vote in government elections. Early on they created the spinoff website It must not have gone well as the site now goes to an Japanese language website. (Source)


7. The New York Times took the unusual approach of using a someecare to illustrate a story on Planned Parenthood funding.


8. Who needs social media?

Sites like Pinterest have obviously raised awareness of the someecards to a whole new level, but one of the founders doesn’t use social media at all. His excuses is that he is working on their site, so I guess we can forgive him. (Source)


9. They predicted Kim Kardashian’s divorce. - Here's hoping Kim Kardashian's marriage lasts until her wedding special airs in October

I know, not difficult.


10. They have a dating site

I guess a shared, blunt and humorous look at the world might be the first step to a lasting relationship. (Source)


11. They whore themselves out.

Ok, way too harsh, but they came from advertising so they have heard all the jokes. Over 25 companies have paid them to create custom eCards for their brands. Walking Dead and Virgin America are two companies that got clever cards made for them. (Source) - In a zombie apocalypse I'd eat you last


12. Apple didn’t always get someecards’ sense of humor

In 2009, when someecards introduced their iPhone app, Apply rejected it. Apple didn’t like cards that poked fun at maligned, but public figures like Roman Polanski and yes Hitler. Apple and someecards must have figured it out because who is more public than Kim Kardashian? (Source)


What do you think of someecards? Do you general enjoy seeing them? Post your thoughts in the comments.



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  1. Matie

    They are easily one of the best sites out there for snarky and unique ecards. They took the concept of the meme and carried it to another level.

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