RebelMouse may have figured out how to turn your social content into a useable blog.

With so many of us sharing links and pictures on social media, many companies have tried to figure out how to turn those shares into a usable, useful blog. The problem has always been that companies who attempted to do this (thinking of Twylah) have never seemed to figure out a way to let individuals customize the content in a meaningful way.

RebelMouse seems to accomplish this with a Pinterest like look, the ability to customize the position of effortless social shares AND the ability to manually add blog posts and pictures.

Here is my quick six minute video review that will walk you through the key features.


Since I post the video a couple hours ago, I learned that RebelMouse is going to start adding customized subpages that will be linked to in the top navigation. Having a way to sort content into categories is a needed step and could make RebelMouse a real player in the “digital home” and/or blog space.

RebelMouse is in beta, but you can sign-up with your Facebook or Twitter account to be added to their list. It took four days for me to get an invitation after connecting my Twitter account. You can see my RebelMouse page as an example here.