Pinterest is making Etsy the center of the social commerce world.

Pinterest attribution changes put Etsy at the center of the social commerce universe.

Pinterest just announced on their blog that they are adding more attribution tags to pinned content. Content from Etsy, 500px, Kickstarter, SlideShare and Sound Cloud are all now supported. The change will apply to all pins going forward, and Pinterest will slowly be adding this attribution to previous pins.

How the Etsy attribution works on Pinterest

Like the previous attribution links for YouTube and Vimeo, the Pinterest user will see the full attribution on the pin page with a link to the item page, the store page and to Etsy (see each red arrows below).


Clicking on the image to go to the Etsy shop.

Perhaps even more important, the Etsy shop attribution link actually shows up in user’s pin streams (see image on the right). The red arrow points to Etsy attribution link. Clicking there takes you to the Etsy shop.

This greatly increase the exposure and likely the traffic going to Etsy shops. The friction between seeing something compelling an going to the ecommerce site is significantly reduced.

Etsy now has the unique status of being the only ecommerce site with attribution from Pinterest.

While Pinterest adding attribution may be in part a effort to fight against potential copyright issues, adding Etsy attribution is unique in the history of ecommerce. We already have a number of studies that show that Pinterest is the leader in driving sales from social, but now they are actually providing attribution to just one ecommerce site.

Even small retailers spend thousands of dollars trying to get users to go to their online retail stores. With Pinterest attribution change, Etsy sellers now are getting direct links to their store with every image pinned and repinned. This type of promotion is difficult to put a value on, but it is significant.

It is unlikely that Pinterest will stop with just Etsy. The natural next step would be to add Amazon, iTunes and other popular retailers. For now, Etsy has exclusivity among retailers, and those using this ecommerce platform will be placed at a significant advantage.


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  1. Kat Ford

    Josh, I enjoy your articles but I am curious why their isn’t a “Pin it” button?
    Smiles, Kat

    1. Josh Davis Post author

      Thanks Kat.

      I usually have “Pin it” button on the top and bottom of each post. I specifically removed it from this piece because I didn’t want to encourage pinning the example pin since the owner of that Etsy shop wouldn’t get credit/link and their image would still be placed on Pinterest.

      The waiter image is my own, and anyone is welcome to pin that if you have the Pin It Bookmarklet.

      Thanks for the comment.

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