Private Board Alternatives To Pinterest Infographic

Private Board Alternatives to Pinterest [Infograph]

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Video discussion of Pinterest alternatives that offer private boards

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  • No invitation required
  • Need to create a board and then make it private
  • Limited to images so is most Pinterest like
  • Matches pictures by dominate colors for design planning


  • No invitation required
  • Boards default to private
  • iOS & Android apps
  • Offline access option
  • Has note taking, personal shopper and task management capabilities



I am an active user Spring Pad and Clipboard, so much of what I cite comes from using them daily.

These services as well as Pinterest are always changing, but this infographic is current as of May 30th, 2012

Additional sources:

Food images used for these private board examples provided by:



2 thoughts on “Private Board Alternatives to Pinterest [Infograph]

  1. Karl Gusner

    We’ve also created a collaborative private pinterest type site called You can upload any image from the web, invite users to the collection and markup and annotate directly on the images.

  2. Nina

    This is insanely helpful ! My mom and I have a small jewelry-making business and we needed a way to share links of jewelry ideas, inspirations, raw materials, etc. I wanted to use pinterest, but no private boards are possible. I created a private group on facebook, but you can’t organize the links. I finally chose Springpad. Really convenient! Thank you soooo much.

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