New Pinterest Profile Page

You have a new Pinterest profile page, and your bio may be incomplete.

Example of the new Pinterest profile pages.

Early this morning, The Next Web reported that a new Pinterest profile page design had gone live to everyone’s accounts. You should be able to view your page’s new look by logging into Pinterest or going to

I am still trying to understand what was wrong with the previous profile pages. It was easy to see what boards people had, and you could get a quick view of nine images for each board. The new profile can best be described as cluttered. It could be I like images with quite a bit going on, but when viewing @free’s new profile page, my eye can’t decide what to settle on.

The Next Web described the new look as “streamlined”, but I don’t see it. In the past the photos where the focus on the page. If you wanted to learn more about the pinner, that information was in a column to the left. Now the bio information is prominently displayed at the top, and fewer photos are actually displayed when you go to someone’s profile page.

Pinterest cuts off existing bios.

I kept clicking around the bio section trying to figure out how to the read the rest of @free’s bio, but those clicks were in vain. Even in the Pinterest control panel, the full original description was gone.

It isn’t a big deal, but a little notice from Pinterest (even an email) would have been helpful. For your own reference, the new limit for the “About” section is 200 characters.

Keep Pinterest Unique

In the last three weeks, two reporters asked me whether Facebook could simply copy Pinterest’s concept. I countered that Pinterest has the unique advantage of a clean look and an image focus. Those two things would make it difficult for another other social network to copy Pinterest without setting up a separate section of their site. I still don’t believe Facebook has any interest in copying Pinterst, but I am surprised that Pinterest seems to have taken some cues from the Facebook Timeline and not in a good way.

Profiles are not the main way people experience Pinterest; so I don’t expect it will harm the user experience that much, but it does seem to be a step in the wrong direction.

It is easy to criticize something new, so I would love to hear your thoughts on the new design.

8 thoughts on “You have a new Pinterest profile page, and your bio may be incomplete.

  1. Brenda

    At exactly 10:26 PST last night, the new pages showed up as I was pinning. I’m with you – I don’t like them at all. It was easy to get a 12 pic tiny “tiled” view of the board of the person you might consider following, and a more complete look at all of their boards to see what else might interest you. For those of us who do it for fun, it probably doesn’t make a big difference.

    However, if you are a site that is trying to drive commerce traffic, I don’t think it will be helpful. Unless the last three pins are pretty spectacular in subject matter, it might turn somebody off from re-pinning or clicking it.

    After almost one year on Pinterest, there have been multiple changes that I didn’t like at first, but have gotten used to. I really don’t think this visual metaphor is one of their big hits. I had multiple emails from people last night and this morning all complaining about it.

    I would prefer they work on bugs before they do any more “enhancements”!


    1. Josh Davis Post author

      Thanks for the comment Brenda. Can you elaborate on what bugs you feel need to be addressed in particular?

  2. Kim Reynolds – I’m with Betsy Bush on this one. I love the new FB Timeline, but I am not pleased with Pinterst’s change. I had done a cool reassembly of a photo that had been sliced into 9 pieces, now with the new board preview, it is completely in a shambles. It was so awesome too!

  3. Toby Bloomberg - /tobydiva

    Like it or not, the culture of social networks seems to be they will continue to “up grade” their platforms with little or no input from their “customers.” My wish is that they will, at the very least, let us know prior to the switch. Can you hear my big sigh?

  4. aunt daisy's

    I don’t care for the new boards! I think the general look is cluttered, & I don’t get an overall feel for a pinner’s boards. The last pin you add is shown at the top, &, depending on the photo, it can be just a small part of the peak of a building…not attractive. I’m relatively new to Pinterest, about 2 months, so I’m certainly no expert in how things should look. Why do they change what works?!

  5. Mike Macey

    I don’t like the new layout for all the reasons expressed by others in this thread. I’m 65 and wear tri-focals; I didn’t know I would have to buy a pair of binoculars to see the bottom three images.

    From a marketers view point, businesses lose the image-powrr associated with visual networking. The impact of a long px image is gone . . . unless you know what lies beneath the new restricted shell. Is this a bandwidth problem.

    I’m blending personal and business to enhance my brand. The new scheme is a blow below the belt. Pinterest corporate should consider a YouTube channel to announce changes and produce user videos. They should definitely create a User Council to provide focused input from users in a full cross section of use.

  6. Heidi

    It’s too busy! It feels unorganized and complicated. The images are too large and overwhelming. I loved Pinterest because I felt that I was organizing all info from the internet that I would normally bookmark. I’ll just go back to bookmarking. 🙁

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